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EUROFER welcomes WTO ruling confirming Indonesia's illegal export ban of nickel ore EUROFER 02 Dec 2022 Global Europe, Trade & Society
EUROFER welcomes the extension of EU anti-dumping measures on imports of ‘GOES’ EUROFER 18 Jan 2022 Trade & Society
EUROFER welcomes OLAF and EPPO joint efforts in uncovering fraud on the steel market EUROFER 07 Jun 2023 InfoSociety
EUROFER urges LME and FCA to take necessary action to prevent further artificial surges in nickel prices EUROFER 09 Mar 2022 Trade & Society
EUROFER calls for robust EU-US Global Arrangement to address steel industry’s existential challenges EUROFER 13 Oct 2023 Security
EUROFER calls for a deeper EU Electricity Market Design reform that delivers internationally competitive fossil-free energy for industry’s decarbonisation EUROFER 16 Mar 2023 Energy
EUROFER asks for an EU industrial policy that provides a strong business case for green investment in Europe EUROFER 16 Mar 2023 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
EU steel industry supports Commission President’s initiative for a renewed Industrial Strategy to ensure clean tech is made in Europe EUROFER 13 Sep 2023 Climate & Environment
EU proposals on Emissions Trading and Carbon Border Adjustment derail the green transition EUROFER 01 Jun 2022 Climate & Environment
ETS revision sets stronger incentives for clean technologies uptake, but €45 bn EU steel exports are still at risk, says EUROFER EUROFER 21 Dec 2022 Climate & Environment
EP vote on NZIA a step forward in boosting uptake of steel decarbonisation technologies, says EUROFER EUROFER 25 Oct 2023 Sustainable Dev.
EP vote is step in the right direction, but more efforts needed to ensure watertight environmental and social standards in waste shipments to third countries, says EUROFER EUROFER 17 Jan 2023 Climate & Environment
ENVI vote threatens green steel transition and 30,000 jobs: EP plenary needs to fix it, warns EUROFER EUROFER 18 May 2022 Climate & Environment
ENVI vote on waste shipments fits environmental and social standards, but stronger monitoring for OECD countries is needed, says EUROFER EUROFER 01 Dec 2022 Trade & Society
Entry into force of CBAM marks milestone, but effectiveness still to be proven, says EUROFER EUROFER 29 Sep 2023
Ensuring access to critical materials for steel and wind sectors essential for EU clean-tech economy EUROFER 26 Jan 2023 Energy
Emergency EU measures immediately needed to overcome life-threatening energy crisis for European steel industry EUROFER 09 Sep 2022 Energy
Economic recession hits industry, downsizing steel demand expectations for 2022-2023 EUROFER 26 Oct 2022 Trade & Society
Council’s recognition of net-zero steel technologies boosts expectations for green markets in Europe, says EUROFER EUROFER 07 Dec 2023 Development Policy
CBAM sectors statement on ETS and CBAM Trilogues EUROFER 08 Nov 2022 Energy
2040 target: enabling conditions for unlocking investment in industrial transition cannot wait any longer, warns EUROFER EUROFER 07 Feb 2024 Sustainable Dev.
2022 negative trends deepen despite economic resilience, steel demand to contract also in 2023 EUROFER 02 Feb 2023 Trade & Society



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