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COGEN Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Cogeneration at the basis of Europe’s low carbon economy COGEN Europe 07 Mar 2012 Energy
Cogeneration boosts Europe's industrial productivity COGEN Europe 10 Apr 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Cogeneration comes to the aid of wind and wave COGEN Europe 11 Sep 2009 Energy
Cogeneration sector united in the view that the Council is aiming for failure in the Energy Efficiency Directive COGEN Europe 04 May 2012 Energy
Cogeneration's role in boosting EU supply security: time to revisit this no-regret policy path COGEN Europe 30 May 2014 Energy
Commission initiates steps to further support CHP against difficult market background COGEN Europe 14 Feb 2014 Energy
Consumer-driven micro CHP discussions in Brussels on 21-22 April. COGEN Europe 03 Apr 2009 InfoSociety
Düsseldorf contributes to Germany’s climate targets by installing the most modern CHP plant COGEN Europe 13 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy
Eastern Europe raises the bar for further growth in cogeneration: Warsaw Workshop on national potentials for cogeneration. COGEN Europe 18 Sep 2009 Energy
Efficiency and integration key to decarbonise Europe COGEN Europe 30 Nov 2018 Energy
Electricity Market Design: Any threshold requires an appropriate calculation methodology COGEN Europe 05 Dec 2018 Energy
Energy Efficiency Directive - energy efficiency in the transformation sector needs a stronger impetus COGEN Europe 31 May 2012 Energy
Energy Efficiency Directive: national level impact for the supply side sector still be seen COGEN Europe 15 Jun 2012 Energy
Energy Efficiency: the solution to high energy prices COGEN Europe 18 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
EU 2030 climate and energy framework needs energy savings target COGEN Europe 13 Nov 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy
EU energy and climate policy drives bio-energy CHP in European cities COGEN Europe 14 Mar 2013 Energy
EU Energy Efficiency Legislation Falls Short of Proper National Implementation New Cogeneration Study Reveals COGEN Europe 12 Jun 2018 Energy
EU Member States reports reveal that cogeneration is an economic option in the search for measures to close the energy efficiency gap in the 2020 energy savings target. COGEN Europe 13 Oct 2009 Energy
European cities exchange winning energy strategies at EUSEW seminar COGEN Europe 24 Mar 2010 Energy
European field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHP kick off COGEN Europe 28 Sep 2012 Energy
European project further consolidates the potential for cogeneration in achieving energy savings and CO2 emission reductions to 2050. COGEN Europe 29 Mar 2011 Climate & Environment, Energy
ExxonMobil’s new Antwerp cogeneration plant to be showcased in Brussels on 21-22 April. COGEN Europe 27 Mar 2009
Forthcoming vote in ITRE on February 28th on the draft Energy Efficiency Directive COGEN Europe 24 Feb 2012 Energy
Future energy system needs to combine heat and power COGEN Europe 06 Jun 2018 Energy
German CHP sector receives further support from Government actions COGEN Europe 14 Mar 2013 Energy
Germany received European award for leading cogeneration policy COGEN Europe 22 Apr 2009
Gruppo AB joins COGEN Europe COGEN Europe 30 Oct 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
IEA to address COGEN Europe Annual Conference COGEN Europe 17 Mar 2014 Energy
Industrial CHP is key in reaching Irish climate and energy targets COGEN Europe 06 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, Trade & Society



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