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Lifelong learning is essential to remain relevant in an ever-changing world ACCA 19 Nov 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
Linking SDGs and green inclusive recovery post COVID-19 : measuring progress for better implementation ACCA 09 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
Local government audit needs to be strengthened and clarified, says ACCA’s response to the Local Audit Bill consultation ACCA 10 Sep 2012 Euro & Finance
Long-term value creation focus in <IR> framework is a positive step, says ACCA ACCA 16 Jul 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Looking at AI through an ESG lens: how do ethical issues interconnect with ESG issues? ACCA 09 Dec 2021 Innovation & Enterprise
Machine learning will become a reality in the near future ACCA 10 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
Majority of Irish businesses exposed to Brexit are putting themselves at risk by not hedging foreign currency trade exposures ACCA 19 Aug 2019 Euro & Finance
Make understanding your taxes and finance a New Year’s Resolution ACCA 03 Jan 2012 Euro & Finance
Mapping the sustainability reporting landscape: Lost in the right direction? ACCA 28 Jun 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
Mapping the sustainability reporting landscape: Lost in the right direction? ACCA 12 May 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Martin Turner elected as ACCA President for 2013 / 14 ACCA 07 Oct 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Public Affairs
Maximizing people power – the finance function under pressure ACCA 07 Mar 2011
Merger of IIRC and SASB welcomed by ACCA ACCA 25 Nov 2020 InfoSociety
MFF 2014-2020: more funds for competitiveness of enterprises, growth and jobs, says ACCA ACCA 22 Nov 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Euro & Finance, EU Priorities 2020
Modernising EU Insolvency law: towards a more rescue-oriented framework? ACCA 13 Jul 2012 Euro & Finance
More consistency in the transparency regime – and less gold plating- needed to attract smaller listed companies on regulated markets ACCA 01 Sep 2010
More evidence and better early stakeholders' engagement for eHealth ACCA 30 Jun 2010 Health & Consumers
More support needed for SMEs with new online VAT ACCA 19 Dec 2018 Euro & Finance
More transparency over aggressive tax planning arrangements is welcome, but a balanced and consistent implementation is needed, says ACCA ACCA 22 Jun 2017 Euro & Finance
More young people look beyond university as best way to jump start their careers, says ACCA ACCA 18 Aug 2017 Euro & Finance
MPs: SMEs not prepared for Brexit, need help with tax and exports, and more information and advice ACCA 13 Feb 2018 Euro & Finance
Narrative reporting should focus on ‘what the markets want to hear, not on what companies want to talk about’, says ACCA ACCA 24 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
Narrowing the audit expectation gap is essential for a resilient global financial reporting ecosystem ACCA 20 Oct 2021 Euro & Finance
New ACCA certificate launched for small business reporting standard ACCA 31 Jan 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Euro & Finance
New ACCA Global Forum members bring fresh ideas ACCA 28 Aug 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
New accounting standard will significantly impact the insurance industry, says ACCA ACCA 18 May 2017 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
New digital platform MyACCA launches for members ACCA 28 Nov 2019 Euro & Finance
New EC VAT Action plan: a welcome step towards greater Member State autonomy and the creation of an EU VAT destination regime, says ACCA ACCA 07 Apr 2016 Euro & Finance
New EU Action Plan on company law and corporate governance: towards a more modern set of rules for more engaged shareholders and sustainable companies? Or are we seeing the death of European IPO markets, being overtaken by the emerging economies? ACCA 06 Feb 2013 Sustainable Dev., Euro & Finance
New EU presidency must not let opportunities slip by, warns ACCA ACCA 21 May 2010



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