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ACCA and EFAA Joint Position Statement ACCA 18 Feb 2010
ACCA and EFAA Joint Position Statement ACCA 05 Mar 2010
ACCA and Green Finance Platform say green finance education crucial to economic recovery ACCA 15 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA and IAAER announce the recipients of their first Scholars Programme ACCA 09 Jun 2022 Education
ACCA and IFAC launch global public financial management (PFM) series ACCA 28 Jan 2019 Euro & Finance
ACCA and IMA announce new global strategic initiative promoting Financial Leadership and Performance ACCA 24 Jun 2013 Euro & Finance, Public Affairs
ACCA and IMA publish report highlighting long-term global economic issues ACCA 19 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA and IMA Research Foundation Announce Special Joint Call for Research Proposals ACCA 13 Aug 2012 Euro & Finance
ACCA and Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) sign Strategic Partnership Agreement ACCA 16 Nov 2016 Euro & Finance
ACCA and MSI Global Alliance sign MoU to strengthen legal and accountancy skills ACCA 09 Jul 2018 Public Affairs
ACCA and PrimeGlobal announce global agreement ACCA 09 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA and SOEL launch new CertIFR in Greek language ACCA 12 Nov 2019 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
ACCA and the CGE, Consejo General Economistas Spain, sign a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage the mobility of professionals of accounting and finance at the international level ACCA 20 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA and The Institute of Internal Auditors renew MOU ACCA 16 Dec 2021 InfoSociety
ACCA and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) sign a Memorandum of Understanding ACCA 27 Jan 2022 InfoSociety
ACCA announces 2011 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 11 Jul 2011 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces 2012 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 25 Jul 2012 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces 2014 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 10 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces Belt & Road research at Shanghai conference ACCA 17 Jul 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces new partnership with Allinial Global ACCA 17 Mar 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA announces pass rates for December 2019 exam sitting ACCA 13 Jan 2020 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
ACCA announces pass rates for the first session of Strategic Professional in the latest exam sitting ACCA 18 Oct 2018 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces pass rates for the September 2021 exam sitting ACCA 19 Oct 2021 Education
ACCA announces President's Debate - “Accounting for Public Goods: the Social and Natural Capital Imperatives” - 8 February 2017 ACCA 16 Jan 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA appointed as a member of the EC VAT Expert Group ACCA 12 Oct 2016 Euro & Finance
ACCA asks for a bold approach to the review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) ACCA 09 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA backs the Flag It Up campaign ACCA 14 Feb 2019 Euro & Finance
ACCA calls for a more inclusive approach to economic recovery ACCA 08 Mar 2021 Euro & Finance
ACCA calls for accountants to be at the vanguard of building ethical and sustainable organisations that are valued by society ACCA 11 May 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA calls for long-term financing solutions for sustainable economic growth ACCA 27 Mar 2014 Euro & Finance