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Jobs of tomorrow: what educational skills do we need? ACCA 24 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs, Education
Jenny Gu elected President of ACCA ACCA 25 Nov 2019 InfoSociety
Issues need to be addressed with investment entities, says ACCA in response to proposals for change ACCA 16 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
Ireland’s Brian McEnery FCCA becomes global President of ACCA ACCA 19 Sep 2016 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
INVITATION - Joint ACCA- EU-Asia Centre- EMI- UEAPME Conference ACCA 03 Jan 2018 Euro & Finance, Global Europe
INVITATION - ACCA, Barclays & UEAPME invite you to Capital Markets Union : delivering new opportunities for SMEs through venture capital ACCA 22 Jun 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Investors missing from global financial reform process ACCA 03 May 2012 Euro & Finance
Investors have lost trust in company reports, reveals ACCA study ACCA 06 Jun 2013 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Introduction of key audit matters leads to improved governance, audit quality and corporate reporting, finds ACCA ACCA 13 Mar 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
International expert Forums announced by ACCA ACCA 24 Aug 2011 Euro & Finance
Integrating material sustainability information into corporate reports should be a key and critical outcome of Rio +20, urges ACCA ACCA 29 May 2012 Sustainable Dev.
Integrated reporting supports better business performance and stakeholder relationships, but there is room for improvement ACCA 18 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance
Integrated report sets out how ACCA creates public value ACCA 28 Aug 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Innovative support available to scale up businesses amid Covid-19 recovery ACCA 14 Dec 2020 Innovation & Enterprise
Inflation poses biggest threat to business recovery, ACCA survey reveals ACCA 15 Apr 2011
Increasing the audit exemption threshold across the EU ACCA 05 May 2010
Incorporation of IFRS in the U.S: the ‘big bang’ approach is preferred by preparers and investors ACCA 26 Aug 2011 Euro & Finance
Incorporating Nature In The Heart Of Business Decision-Making And Disclosure ACCA 05 Oct 2020 Climate & Environment
Improving financial efficiencies and patient care through new “eHealth” technologies ACCA 18 Mar 2010 Health & Consumers
IFRS in the US - adoption will happen in the long run, US investors tell ACCA ACCA 14 Nov 2012 Euro & Finance
IFAC selects ACCA to strategically strengthen accountancy profession in Rwanda ACCA 06 Jan 2016 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
ICT applied to health – ehealth is at the heart of Patient Safety ACCA 23 Jun 2011
ICOs require a regulatory approach that protects consumers if they are to support innovation, says ACCA ACCA 22 Feb 2018 Health & Consumers
IAASB project on auditor’s reports on the right track for investors, says ACCA ACCA 18 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance
Human Rights Metrics: Reaching scale through the Sustainable Finance agenda ACCA 26 Sep 2018 Euro & Finance
Human Rights Metrics: Reaching scale through the Sustainable Finance agenda ACCA 09 Jul 2018 Euro & Finance
How to revive Europe’s spirit of enterprise? European executives show the way ACCA 05 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
How can non-financial information (NFI) reporting work for SMEs? ACCA 19 Oct 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Hospice boss becomes ACCA’s deputy president ACCA 25 Nov 2019 InfoSociety



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Regulatory Assistance Project
Senior Associate, Heat Policy
Aide à la Décision Economique
Internship in Rural Department
European Institute of Peace
Human resources assistant
Climate Action Network Europe
Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels
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Council of the Notariats of the European Union
EU Project Manager