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Make understanding your taxes and finance a New Year’s Resolution ACCA 03 Jan 2012 Euro & Finance
Majority of Irish businesses exposed to Brexit are putting themselves at risk by not hedging foreign currency trade exposures ACCA 19 Aug 2019 Euro & Finance
Machine learning will become a reality in the near future ACCA 10 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
Looking at AI through an ESG lens: how do ethical issues interconnect with ESG issues? ACCA 09 Dec 2021 Innovation & Enterprise
Long-term value creation focus in <IR> framework is a positive step, says ACCA ACCA 16 Jul 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Local government audit needs to be strengthened and clarified, says ACCA’s response to the Local Audit Bill consultation ACCA 10 Sep 2012 Euro & Finance
Linking SDGs and green inclusive recovery post COVID-19 : measuring progress for better implementation ACCA 09 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
Lifelong learning is essential to remain relevant in an ever-changing world ACCA 19 Nov 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
Lay members provide the key to rigorous oversight ACCA 10 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Largest increase in economic confidence in history of global economic survey in Q1 2021 ACCA 13 Apr 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
KPMG and ACCA report calls on standard setters and Islamic banks to work together to harmonise financial reporting ACCA 03 Dec 2012 Euro & Finance
Kamall: EU-Japan trade deal brings jobs, growth and prosperity ACCA 07 Jul 2017 Global Europe, Trade & Society
Julie Hotchkiss joins ACCA’s executive team ACCA 05 Nov 2018 InfoSociety
Joint news release: ACCA and Summit Consulting Group Accountants as eProfessionals: ACCA announces project for on demand exams ACCA 01 Jul 2011 Euro & Finance
Joint ACCA & ecoDa event discusses “Aligning Corporate Governance and culture: What’s in it for the board?” ACCA 13 Jan 2017 Euro & Finance
Jobs of tomorrow: what educational skills do we need? ACCA 24 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs, Education
Jobs of tomorrow: what educational skills do we need? ACCA 09 Jun 2017 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
Jenny Gu elected President of ACCA ACCA 25 Nov 2019 InfoSociety
Issues need to be addressed with investment entities, says ACCA in response to proposals for change ACCA 16 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
Ireland’s Brian McEnery FCCA becomes global President of ACCA ACCA 19 Sep 2016 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
INVITATION - Joint ACCA- EU-Asia Centre- EMI- UEAPME Conference ACCA 03 Jan 2018 Euro & Finance, Global Europe
INVITATION - ACCA, Barclays & UEAPME invite you to Capital Markets Union : delivering new opportunities for SMEs through venture capital ACCA 22 Jun 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Investors missing from global financial reform process ACCA 03 May 2012 Euro & Finance
Investors have lost trust in company reports, reveals ACCA study ACCA 06 Jun 2013 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Introduction of key audit matters leads to improved governance, audit quality and corporate reporting, finds ACCA ACCA 13 Mar 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
International expert Forums announced by ACCA ACCA 24 Aug 2011 Euro & Finance
Integrating material sustainability information into corporate reports should be a key and critical outcome of Rio +20, urges ACCA ACCA 29 May 2012 Sustainable Dev.
Integrated thinking helped organisations remain resilient during pandemic, finds new analysis ACCA 28 May 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
Integrated reporting supports better business performance and stakeholder relationships, but there is room for improvement ACCA 18 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance
Integrated report sets out how ACCA creates public value ACCA 28 Aug 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance



SAFE - Safe Food Advocacy Europe
EU Project Manager
NATO Parliamentary Assembly
NATO PA Researchers
European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
Policy Officer – Market Conduct (AD5)
Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations
Compliance controls assistant
International Dairy Federation
Communications Officer
United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC)
Intern (Public Information)