Strategy and Planning in the Context of Total Quality Management


16 Jan 2013



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The CAF Resource Centre at EIPA organises a seminar on “Strategy and Planning in the Context of Total Quality Management. It will take place in Maastricht (NL) on 20-22 February 2013.



The importance for strategic thinking is again underlined in the new CAF 2013 model, and plays a crucial role changing the traditional administration into a result-oriented (output and outcome) organisation. However, many public administrations struggle with this transition. They have little or no experience in strategic thinking and do not know how to handle it.


This seminar brings strategy-making back down to earth, showing a practical way of how to develop a strategy that is linked to the day-to-day work of public administrations. It will provide a methodology and a process for creating a strategy directly useful for your organisation. At the end of this training you will have a better understanding of the CAF 2013 model and how to work with it, but certainly have an in-depth insight in the process of developing a strategy for your own organisations, the practical steps to undertake, materials to be used, and results to be expected.





For more information, please contact Ms Ann Stoffels, Programme Organiser (tel.: +31.43.3296317, e-mail: or visit our web site:  




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Ann Stoffels

Programme Organiser

EIPA CAF Resource Centre

T +31 43 3296 317






Upcoming :

Seminar Strategy and Planning

Maastricht, 20-22 February 2013



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