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Press Release Service on EU Affairs


17 Jul 2009


EU Priorities 2020

EurActiv, the leading independent EU policy media, has recently launched a new service for European Affairs journalists: the Press Release Service -

The Press Release Service provides direct access to primary sources of information on key issues. It offers a range of releases highlighting key events, programmes, or pieces of information that succinctly describe the Who, Where, Why, What and How of the story. The press releases are mainly posted by EU actors such as EU institutions, political parties, trade associations, NGOs, and companies that are looking for more visibility in Brussels EU circles, and to play a more prominent role in the EU decision-making process.

Easy to use and well-organised, the Press Release Service is one of the first databases of its kind. The press releases are ordered chronologically or by policy issue, making the service an easy and quick tool for users, and helping journalists to find press releases they might have otherwise missed.

Dan Luca, Public Relations Director at EurActiv, says: “It has been estimated that there are 15 000 press releases issued every year relating to EU legislation and the associated issues. With such a huge amount of information, journalists need to have a time-saving and user-friendly database where they can find all the sources that they need. This is what we had in mind when creating this brand new service. We hope it will become a popular point of reference for EU journalists.”

EurActiv’s Press Release Service aims to challenge the traditional methods of distributing press releases. It has been designed to create an exclusive database that enables press releases to reach top EU professionals.

For more information about this new service on or for any enquiry, please contact:

Dan LUCA / / tel: +32 (0)2 226 58 18

Kristina LECLOUX / / tel: 32 (0)2 788 36 91