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EurActiv flagship redesign: Still yellow, even more interactive


17 May 2011


EU Priorities 2020

Dear reader,

As of this week, has a new website format, with enhanced usability and design. While remaining familiar to you - we are “Still yellow, even more interactive!” - the new design introduces a range of new features:

    * Modernised and clearer lay-out -- First, you will instantly notice the day's top news, interviews and opinions will be highlighted at the top of our homepage in a rotating "carousel".

    * Easier access -- Content in each of our policy section will be more accessible thanks to an expanding menu. And a new horizontal navigation bar will give you direct access to the latest published news, interviews, LinksDossiers, Special Reports, blog posts and videos from anywhere on the site.

    * Integration with social media -- There will be more integration with EurActiv's blogging platform Blogactiv, Facebook, and Twitter. Links to key EU documents, stakeholder positions, and press links will continue to be available at the bottom of our pages as an important element of our content offer. And reader comments will be introduced shortly.

    * Clickable news map -- We have prepared something unique: a map, right next to our brand name, will bring you directly to relevant articles published by our national affiliates. These are written or localised in their own language by a team of 60 journalists who are located in offices across 15 European capitals.

The new design supports our updated motto ‘EU news & policy debates across languages'.  We hope you will enjoy browsing the redesigned site at You can watch a demo video on the new features here, as well as a video compilation of testimonials on EurActiv.

Christophe Leclercq -Publisher   

Frédéric Simon - Editor     

Rick Zedník - CEO