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E.g., 2017-08-18
E.g., 2017-08-18
“Fighting inequality and supporting diversity: Europe’s big challenge?” ACCA 31 Jan 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Euro & Finance
“Global Declaration” encompasses more than 140 projects in over 34 countries - Plastics associations report progress on global marine litter commitments PlasticsEurope 07 Dec 2012 Trade & Society, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
“Global Growth in Covered Bond Asset Class in 2015” ECBC - European Covered Bond Council 22 Jul 2016 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
“Global Issues Increasingly Important in the Covered Bond Market” ECBC - European Covered Bond Council 13 Apr 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe
“Green single market for green growth”: neither good for consumers nor for manufacturers Orgalime 12 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
“Gross Mortgage Lending in the EU Continued to Increase in Q2 2016” EMF - European Mortgage Federation 13 Oct 2016 Euro & Finance
“Ground-breaking Energy Efficiency Financing Project Aims to Create Benefits for Homebuyers” European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC) 20 Sep 2016 Energy
“Housing and mortgage markets in 2015 confirm positive trend of recovery and growth of European economy” EMF - European Mortgage Federation 06 Sep 2016 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
“Imagine Life Without” –European Copper Institute takes to the web with new, three-stage campaign European Copper Institute 01 Oct 2009 Energy
“Innovation in energy efficient buildings and districts for a smart built environment” E2B - Energy Efficiency Buildings 01 Jul 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
“Innovation is crucial for a competitive and green economy” - GE unveils its 'Global Innovation Barometer’ - Compelling views from Brussels and the rest of the world GENERAL ELECTRIC 26 Jan 2011 EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise, Regional Policy
“ITALY: A CREATIVE MEDIA NATION” A study by IsICult, Istituto Italiano per l’Industria Culturale Mediaset / IsICult 22 Nov 2011 InfoSociety
“I’m a CFO and I’ve Been hacked”: With Cybercrime on the Rise, IMA and ACCA Ask: Does Your Finance Function Have a Plan to Fail? ACCA 03 Mar 2016 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety, Security
“Leaders of the automobile industry and youth from Europe meet in Brussels to discuss future of mobility” ACEA - European Automobile Manufacturer's Association 23 Jun 2011 Transport
“Let the statistics do the talking – EMF publishes Q4 2010” EMF 30 May 2011
“Local is beautiful” 14th Annual Local Enterprises Conference CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services 07 Nov 2011 Public Affairs
“Measures for financial inclusion have to be delivered at national level”, says ESBG. ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 30 May 2008 Euro & Finance, Competition
“Need to ensure changes to criminal code in Latvia don’t threaten non-violent political expression” S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 22 Apr 2016 Justice & Home Affairs
“New phase” for Brazilian sugarcane ethanol, beyond use as a transport fuel, to be highlighted at World Biofuels Market 2011 UNICA - The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association 08 Mar 2011 Energy, Trade & Society
“No bazaar politics over visa liberalisation”, Guy Verhofstadt ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 20 Apr 2016 Europe's East, Justice & Home Affairs
“No one should face jail for abortion” say S&D Euro MPs (PL below) S&D - Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament 08 Apr 2016 Justice & Home Affairs
“No, no, no . . . there's no limit!” ANEC - The European Consumer Voice in Standardisation 29 Sep 2009 Health & Consumers
“NSFR Would Have Potential Constraining Impact on Covered Bond Markets” EMF - European Mortgage Federation 11 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
“OmniBUS” blueprint to facilitate sustainable mobility IRU - International Road Transport Union 21 Oct 2009 Transport
“On track for a sustainable future” EIM presents its vision for the future of transport EIM - European Rail Infrastructure Managers 02 Oct 2009 Transport
“Organic wine”: European experts hold discussions in Brussels on the challenges and opportunities facing this new product and on Copa-Cogeca 05 Nov 2008 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
“pharma package” adopted particular needs of non-prescription medicines recognised AESGP 10 Dec 2008 Health & Consumers
“Politicians Have to Toughen up on Tax Havens” ZEW 12 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Justice & Home Affairs
“Renewables and energy efficiency markets: a way out of the economic crisis? Europe needs to set clear and reliable signals towards sustainable growth” EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources 20 Jun 2012 Energy
“Services of General Interest in the re‐launched Single Market and Governance of Local Enterprises in Europe” CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services 23 Sep 2010 Social Europe & Jobs


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EBA - European Banking Authority
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