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Youth should commit, act to serve for the common good, and improve the lives of all our citizens, says Iratxe García


21 Mar 2024



The Social Democratic family discusses – with more than 500 young Europeans in Brussels – the challenges for a better Europe, ahead of the upcoming EU elections on 9 June, at the event ‘My Choice, My Voice’. 

S&D president Iratxe García was joined by the commissioner for jobs and social rights Nicolas Schmit, the PES president Stefan Löfven and the Partito Democratico leader Elly Schlein.

During the opening of the event, Iratxe García, S&D Group President, said:

“The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the battle against climate change, the new digital age and the increase of inequalities. The global challenges we face have something in common: no country can fight them alone. And you – the youth – are responsible to rebel, commit and act to serve the common good and improve the lives of all our citizens. 

“You should question prejudices and injustices and those who proclaim that nothing can be changed because it has always been that way. Today, we would not have the free, united and prosperous EU in which we live, if our ancestors had not rebelled. 

“We stand against reactionary forces that refuse to accept all the progress achieved over the last decades. This is the real threat to our democracy and to the European project. On the 9th of June, the future of the European Union is at stake.

“We have achieved a lot in recent years with the leadership of the Socialists and Democrats. On June 9, not only is the future is at risk, but also everything we have already achieved. Regression is the proposal of the extreme right.

“The socialist family will keep on working for a Union that remains faithful to its social model and that guarantees decent jobs, paid internships and decent housing. A more autonomous Union that dares to reindustrialise to reduce its vulnerabilities, but without closing in on itself. And, above all, a Union that is a beacon of reason, science, culture, human rights and coexistence.”

On the traineeship directive proposal, Iratxe García added:

“It is an important first step to ensure trainees' rights and to prevent potential abuse and exploitative behaviour. The overall quality and experience of traineeships will get better.

“This is why the participation of young people in politics is crucial. They must be aware that with their choice and vote, they determine their future. Social democrats are the ones fighting for their rights and we will continue our work to ban unpaid traineeships. Our work does not end here.”