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Wrong track - Left vows to beat dire rail fragmentation proposals


24 May 2011



Backing today's demonstration of railway workers outside the European Parliament, GUE/NGL MEPs vowed to fight further fragmentation and liberalization of the railway sector and harmful draft proposals currently going through Parliament.


"The GUE/NGL Group fully supports the demands of the railway workers. We underline: No constraints on the right to strike! No further asset stripping of railway services!" MEP Sabine Wils said at the demonstration.


Approximately 1,000 railway workers from Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, Austria and elsewhere are voicing their opposition to the proposed "unbundling" or complete separation and fragmentation of railway companies and infrastructure operators, the liberalisation of domestic rail passenger transport (legislation announced by the Commission for 2012) and attacks on the right to strike.


"The result of a decade of competition and liberalization is less quality in rail services for travellers as well as employees yet the European Parliament wants to continue on this dead-end road" said Dennis de Jong MEP and Dutch MP Farshad Bashir, also at the demo.


The draft Recast of the 1st Railway Package is being discussed in Parliament's transport committee this afternoon (rapporteur Debora Serracchiani), with a first reading vote in plenary set for September. MEPs have equal say on the issue with member states.
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