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The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament 4th - 8th December 2017


01 Dec 2017


Global Europe

Plight of the Rohingya

ECR MEP Amjad Bashir is chairing a cross-party meeting on the plight of the Rohingya people. It features Sky News' Special Correspondent Alex Crawford, who will introduce her exclusive film report on the suffering of Rohingya still trapped in Myanmar. This is followed by a discussion ahead of the upcoming plenary debate on December 12, at which MEPs will debate calling for a EU-led intergovernmental summit on the crisis.

When:  Tuesday @17.30 

Where: European Parliament Room P3C050

Press officer to contact: Robert Taylor +32 498 984760,


Governing the EU's Energy Union

On Thursday a joint meeting of the energy and environment committees will vote on the overall governance framework of the EU's energy union. The ECR Group shadows, Evzen Tosenovsky and Julie Girling, are generally supportive of the initial proposals from the European Commission. However they are critical of certain parts of the co-rapporteurs’ approach who are seeking to rework the 2030 efficiency and renewables targets into the laws as well as introduce clauses on energy poverty which is a competence of Member States.

When: Thursday @ 9:00.

Press officer to contact: Gareth Goldsmith,, +32 476 668 050


Nord Stream: “The spies who came in with the heat”

SEDE committee chair Anna Fotyga and Andres Vistisen will host an exchange of views with Danish investigative journalist Jens Høvsgaard- the author of the revealing book, “The Spies who Came in with the Heat”. In this book, he documents how the Kremlin and Gazprom, along with Putin and a number of former Stasi and top KGB agents bribed and blackmailed politicians as high-up as the prime ministerial level in Western Europe in 2010, when permission for the first part of the controversial gas pipeline at the bottom of the Baltic Sea needed to be secured.

When: Monday @ 16:30

Where: European Parliament Room A1H1

Press officer to contact: Jan Krelina,, +32 493 214346



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