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We need green, knowledge-based social market economy - which turns the focus back to the people, say S&D MEPs


21 Apr 2016


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New holistic vision on the single market based on green, knowledge-based social market economy will improve the wellbeing of European citizens by proposing practical measures that need to guarantee equal treatment and social inclusion, the creation of sustainable jobs and growth and a high level of consumer protection.
S&D MEPs in the internal market and consumer protection committee in the European Parliament today backed a report on the Single Market Strategy. The report is the Parliament's contribution to the Commission's proposal for a new Single Market Strategy under which 22 targeted actions will be delivered in order to make the best use of the single market and deliver positive results for consumers, SME and start-ups, innovative services and professionals.

S&D Group spokesperson for the report, Marlene Mizzi MEP, said:
"The Commission's strategy needs to be more ambitious and present a clear vision for the future. We will not accept any trade-off of social rights or safety for consumers, and for us it is important to make sure that the European social model is an integral part of the single market. I am pleased with the positive results achieved by our group in the report restoring the progressive and social vision of the Commission's strategy on the single market.
"It is time to realise that bringing back consumers', citizens' and workers' hope and confidence in the single market project can only be achieved by safeguarding their interests and by fully integrating social rights into the market's legislation."


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