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Water – a priority for the European Paper Industry


05 May 2009


Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment

CEPI – the Confederation of European Paper industries – has joined the European Water
Partnership as their first federation member.
The European Water Partnership’s (EWP) mission is to give water one common voice in
Europe and to provide an open and independent forum to discuss innovative management,
technological and financial solutions. The EWP also puts water on the
mainstream political and media agenda and develops awareness of the
urgency of water challenges among policy makers and business.
“Paper manufacturing involves three main elements: energy, fibre and
water. Water has been an important resource for the paper industry from the
beginning and we have already come a long way in environmental
technology to clean and reduce the water used in our industry. We believe it
is important to be part of the process and share our expertise while shaping
water policy.” explains CEPI Energy & Environment Director Marco
CEPI also joined the Water Footprint Network helping to advance the
concept of ‘water footprint’ (a spatially and temporally explicit indicator of
direct and indirect water use of consumers and producers).
The mission of the Water Footprint Network is to promote the transition
towards sustainable, fair and efficient use of fresh water resources
worldwide. It coordinates efforts to further develop and disseminate
knowledge on water footprint concepts, methods and tools. It brings together partners from
diverse origins: knowledge institutions, non-governmental sector, private sector,
governments and UN.
“Water is an extremely valuable resource and we in the paper industry take our responsibility
to its management seriously” said Teresa Presas, CEPI Managing Director. “The pulp and
paper sector has already made many improvements and will continue to do so as part of our
commitment to sustainable development”.
For more information, please contact Marco Mensink CEPI’s Energy & Environment Director
at or +32 2627 4928