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Using phosphates in frozen meat misleads consumers and endangers their health, say S&Ds


28 Nov 2017


Agriculture & Food
Health & Consumers

Brussels, 28 November 2017

Today phosphate is being used to increase the weight of meat, due to its water-binding properties, mainly in frozen vertical meat spits, such as doner kebabs. Since this meat is not consumed at home, this meat is not labelled and consumers are not informed. It is misleading consumers by selling water for the price of meat.

S&D spokesperson on this topic, Christel Schaldemose MEP, said:
“As there are significant scientific studies detecting phosphates in meat which prove that they have negative consequences on human health, there should have been no need for this vote. But, now we have voted, I’m pleased a broad majority voted in favour of the objection. This shows we are taking public health serious.”

The S&D spokesperson on health, Miriam Dalli MEP, said:
“Studies have shown that there is a connection between phosphates in meat and health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. These serious concerns should not be ignored. We are questioning the safety of phosphates as food additives when used for the manufacturing and processing of rotating meat splits. We believe that the Commission should take all risks into account when granting authorisation to the use of such additives.
“When it comes to people’s health we are cautious because we believe that this is a priority for everyone. That is why we want to wait for a new review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on the use of phosphates in food products. There is no rush when it comes to people’s health. Let’s wait for the new scientific findings to ensure a high level of consumer protection, human health and safety.”




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