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Urgency of Renovating Europe’s buildings recognised by Parliament’s vote on the Energy Efficiency Directive


29 Feb 2012



European parliamentarians from across the political spectrum came together in yesterday’s ITRE Committee vote in support of solid articles on buildings aimed at increasing the rate and depth of renovation of the EU’s building stock.

EuroACE, the European Alliance of companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, congratulates the European Parliament on its long-term vision in acknowledging the undeniable potential of energy efficient buildings to meet Europe’s 2020 objectives and to kick-start Europe’s economic recovery through job creation. The balanced but ambitious articles on buildings, resulting from skilful work by Rapporteur Claude Turmes and the shadow rapporteurs, are a clear indication of the agreed conviction of the need to substantially raise the renovation rate of the EU’s building stock by 2020, and to make sure that most of the potential of buildings is tapped, through deep or staged deep renovations. Indeed, we know that with current technologies, including those made available by EuroACE member companies, it is today possible to save 80 to 90% of the energy needs of a building.

EuroACE also welcomes the proposal that roadmaps to 2050 are drawn up by the Member States which would ensure commitment from all actors and that the public sector leads the way in securing the market by implementing a 2.5% renovation rate of public buildings. Such tailor-made roadmaps, including clear instruments and milestones, have the huge potential of enabling Member States to achieve an 80% reduction of energy demand of the entire building stock by 2050 as compared to 2005.

Finally, EuroACE warmly welcomes the inclusion of solid financial mechanisms that will enable the greater energy saving measures for buildings to be implemented, as well as the promotion of the use of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in Europe, which will help to finance refurbishment.

Adrian Joyce, EuroACE Secretary General, said: “This vote was crucial in sending a strong political message to Member State governments, who will now enter into a crucial phase of negotiations with the Parliament and the Commission. We would like to recall that other key benefits of increasing the renovation rate of Europe’s buildings include the creation of up to 2 million local, new jobs and limiting our dependence on imported energy”.

He added: “The Danish Presidency is now entrusted with the important responsibility of securing rapid adoption of the Directive if Europe is to live up to its commitment on energy savings”.


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Note to Editors:

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, is comprised of Europe’s leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of energy saving goods and services. EuroACE members have a total turnover of about 140 billion Euros and employ around 172,000 people in Europe alone. The mission of EuroACE is to work together with the European institutions to help Europe move towards a more sustainable pattern of energy use in buildings, thereby contributing to Europe’s commitments on climate change, energy security and economic growth.

EuroACE members:

 Aereco


 Danfoss

 Johnson Controls

 Kingspan Insulated Panels

 Knauf Insulation

 Philips Lighting

 Pilkington

 PU Europe

 Rockwool International

 Saint-Gobain Isover

 Solutia

 United Technologies

 URSA Insulation

 VELUX Group

For more information on EuroACE, please visit:

EuroACE has been working alongside the Commission, the EP and the Council to ensure that the Energy Efficient Directive is not a missed opportunity for Europe to make a deep impact on our energy and climate future. In this context it launched the Renovate Europe campaign aimed at achieving a 3% annual renovation rate before 2020. Learn how you can help the EU to achieve its 2020 objectives by visiting the campaign website:


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