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Unanimous support for report on organ donation


28 Mar 2008


Health & Consumers

A report by GUE/NGL MEP Adamos Adamou (Cyprus) on organ donation and organ transplantation was approved unanimously by the Environment and Public Health Committee at the European Parliament today (60 votes in favour, no votes against and no abstentions).

In approving the report, which includes comprehensive proposals on the political decisions and action that need to be taken by the EU in this field, Parliament was taking a first step towards "an increase in organ donation, the promotion of collaboration between member states and national medical authorities, the reinforcement of the institutional framework for cracking down on organ trafficking and an improvement in the conditions in which transplants are carried out," said Dr Adamou.

"Despite a gradual increase in the number of organs available for transplantation, almost 40.000 patients are on waiting lists to receive an organ in European countries. Of these, almost 25-30% will lose their lives while waiting for a heart, liver or lung transplant," he added.

Immediately after the vote in the European Parliament, Dr Adamou left for London where he was invited to present his report to the House of Lords. A documentary, filmed in Cyprus, is also being produced by Euronews, taking up many of the points covered in the report which is due to be debated and voted during the next plenary session in Strasbourg next month.

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