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U-multirank: a new tool to compare universities which allows students to find the best universities to match their career profiles.


13 May 2014


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BRUSSELS - U-multirank has been presented today as an innovative tool to compare universities and other Higher Education Institutions using different dimensions, according to the preferences of each user. AEGEE-Europe has participated in the consortium that has developed this tool with a great potential to improve mobility opportunities for students all over the world.

The U-multirank goes beyond the classic concept of University rankings, presenting a tool for users to choose what Education Institutions fit better their personal preferences. It makes possible to compare universities based on your choice among the 30 parameters from 5 different dimensions:  Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Regional Engagement.

This new tool will also give visibility to those universities which never appear in the previously existing rankings, but that excel in a specific field that can be attractive or interesting for a certain profile of student. This multidimensional approach takes into account the diversity of the educational system in Europe while recognizing the merits of the institutions that have achieved high levels of excellence in their teaching, research or another concrete field.

Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou stated that supporting the consortium that developed this independent ranking shows the compromise of the European Union with education and students, since such a project could not be developed by a single country. This tool is the result of the common effort of different stakeholders from all Europe, putting together a consortium with the participation of the private sector, several Higher Education Institutions and two student organisations, AEGEE-Europe /The European Students’ Forum, and the European Students’ Union (ESU).

“U-multirank provides students with the data they need to make an informed choice on where to study, based on the orientation they want to give to their career. It recognizes the diversity of profiles of students, and helps to connect the needs of the students and the different educational options that the universities offer. This tool has the potential to improve mobility by helping students to find the best match for their profile and the career they want to pursue”, says Miguel Gallardo, Projects Director of AEGEE-Europe.

The U-multirank system has been presented on May 13th and is currently online. It includes information from more than 850 higher education institutions from all over the world. You can find the tool and all the relevant information about U-multirank at and in twitter @umultirank

For more information, please contact Miguel Gallardo Albajar. Projects Director AEGEE-Europe  +32 487 410 809

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