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Thank you MEPs for supporting the people of Ukraine


28 Feb 2014


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28 February 2014

Caritas Europa’ Secretary General welcomes the resolution on Ukraine that the European Parliament passed yesterday 27 February 2014.

“I am satisfied with the strong tone of the MEPs. It matches the urgency in which actions must be taken,” says Jorge Nuño Mayer, Secretary General of Caritas Europa.
Mr Nuño Mayer fully supports the resolution of the European Parliament, especially those points that Caritas Europa already mentioned in its own statement issued on 25 February 2014. Such as the demand to ensure that “those who have committed crimes against citizens (…) or misused the power of the state should face independent trials” and the call on “all political forces to work together in this critical juncture for Ukraine towards a peaceful transition (…)”.
Regarding the Members of the Parliament call on the Commission, Member States and international organisation to deploy direct medical and humanitarian assistance, Caritas Europa wants to remind the European Institutions that Caritas in Ukraine has been filling in this gap – within the frame of its resources – since the beginning of the unrest.
“Caritas in Ukraine, with its staff and volunteers, have been alongside the victims of the conflict across the country. Currently, Caritas in Ukraine is actively working supporting the families of those who died during the events in Maidan”, says Mr Nuño Mayer.
Mr Nuño Mayer thanks the Members of the European Parliament for their massive support to the Ukrainian society and hopes that they will continue to do so.
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