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10 Mar 2011


Regional Policy

Bringing stories from the regions to Brussels

While journalists working within the “Brussels bubble” are swamped daily by EU and Member State spin, the European regions are home to little-known stories of innovation, success and human interest that are usually ignored by the Brussels media.
These gatherings are not press briefings or lobbying events. They are simply a good opportunity for journalists to learn more about what is really happening out there in Europe’s regions and local communities.

These Tales will be all about innovation in the regions. For this special occasion, three regions who were winners of the Regional Innovation Award, a prize aimed at honouring European Regional Authorities' actions, will present and discuss the projects they implemented in their territory.

Experts and project managers from the regions of Slaskie (PL), Noord-Brabant (NL) and Västra-Götaland (S) will present a variety of projects from different points of view and discuss with you their roles, initiatives and achievements, but also the difficulties they are faced with in the field.

The Slaskie region will present its project “SEKAP”, which aims to provide online technical tools to improve  administration effectiveness.
The Noord-Bradant region will present its project "Innovative Actions Brabant" which aims to bring the region closer to finding smart solutions for the ageing population.
The Västra Götaland region will present its project "Industrial Dynamics" which aims to strengthen renewal, growth and competitiveness in existing companies.

We therefore invite you to join us on Monday, 28th March, from 18:45 to 21:00 at the “L’Atelier européen".
To confirm your attendance, please contact:
Antonio BUSCARDINI, Press & Communications Assistant - 33 3 88 22 74 44

As the largest organisation of regions in wider Europe, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) is uniquely placed to bring those selected stories  from our 270 member regions to Brussels.
All information available on:

Contact person on the spot:
Francine Huhardeaux
Head of Press & Communications
+33 6 78 69 52 03

The Assembly of European Regions (AER – is the largest independent network of regions in wider Europe. Bringing together 270 regions from 34 countries and 16 interregional organisations, AER is the political voice of its members and a forum for interregional co-operation.

AER Contacts
Francine Huhardeaux
Head of Press & Communications
+33 3 88 22 74 49

Antonio Buscardini
Press & Communications Assistant
+33 3 88 22 74 44