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Strong European Framework for inclusion of Roma needed


12 Mar 2010


Global Europe

Strasbourg le 9 Mars 2010

In a debate on the Roma minority taking place ahead of the second European Roma summit Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL, Germany) told MEPs that existing EU directives are not sufficient to protect the Roma in the EU from discrimination and do not help them to integrate in a long term. 

"What we need is a European Roma Strategy" she said "which is part of all policies and includes effective measures to combat direct and indirect discrimination against Roma. 

"The majority of governments undertake projects and sporadic measures, but what is needed are medium-and long-term policy approaches.

"Measures for the economic development of Roma communities are needed. The EU must make its structural and regional funding more flexible, so that Roma can take advantage of it. These measures must include the allocation of micro-credits especially for the reconstruction of Roma settlements, but also concrete measures to promote health, education and training, specifically intended to promote integration into the labour market.

"The EU has a responsibility to ensure that justice prevails for over 10 million of Roma, one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe. We need a clear and decisive YES and a powerful European Framework - let's act NOW!"

The second European Summit on Roma inclusion will take place in Córdoba, Spain, 8th and 9th April 2010


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