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Strategic Framework for Euopean Cooperation in education and training


20 May 2009


Social Europe & Jobs

CEEMET welcomes the conclusions adopted by the Council on the Strategic Framework
for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020). They reflect the major
points of a strategy identified by MET employers’ organisations to rebuild and
strengthen the links between the labour market and education and training
systems which is indispensable for equipping our current and future workforce with the
skills to compete in the global marketplace.(1)

In our opinion, the first priority of the strategic framework is rightly put on LIFELONG
LEARNING. Continuous training and development and the motivation to learn for life
is a horizontal and fundamental issue which should lie at the heart of any attempt to
improve the level of workforce competence in Europe. Changing the way European
citizens view education and training is by far the biggest and most pressing challenge.
Additional European initiatives tackling the latter issue would be useful.

To improve QUALITY and the focus on competence, developing tools for the anticipation
of skills is essential for the continuous adaptation of education and training,
reacting to labour market needs in time. Therefore we welcome the New Skills for
New Jobs initiative as it emphasises the need to better assess and anticipate skills needs
while actively involving business and ensuring that the assessment of future skill
requirements are fully taken on board in all education and training planning processes. In
this regard, we consider that permeability between industry and education and training
needs to be enhanced.

While fully respecting the Member States’ responsibility for their Education systems,
the improvement of European tools available at EU level in the context of the open
method of coordination can contribute to achieving the goals set in the strategic
framework. Notably, CEEMET welcomes the intention of the Commission to develop a
new BENCHMARK on Employability and looks forward to contributing to this work.

(1) Please see CEEMETs 2009 Strategy Paper on Education and Training for a Competitive Industry, attached.


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