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Standing Ovation joins EuropaBio: Animal Free Dairy Through Precision Fermentation


25 Mar 2024



Brussels, 25 March 2024 - EuropaBio is very happy to announce that Standing Ovation has joined as a member.

As a French company founded in Paris in 2020, Standing Ovation uses precision fermentation to produce caseins that can be used to create lactose free cheese and dairy products without requiring intensive animal breeding.

Standing Ovation aims to facilitate the food transition by boosting EU food security through a complementary source of casein protein, and paving the way for a new era of dairy products with a lower environmental impact.

As part of EuropaBio, Standing Ovation will use its voice as an innovating start-up to champion the potential of using new modified micro-organisms in precision fermentation for the production of food in the EU.

Dr. Claire Skentelbery, Director General of EuropaBio had this to say: “Standing Ovation is a brilliant addition to the EuropaBio community in this time of biotech innovation for society. This SME and its technology provides the perfect example of how precision fermentation can help deliver more resilient food supply chains through local production through the application of biotechnology.”

Sebastien Louvion, Chief Regulatory Officer at Standing Ovation said "We are delighted and honoured to join EuropaBio. Some of its members have been early champions of precision fermentation technologies in pharma and food applications. Standing Ovation brings its expertise and know-how for the production of caseins as staple food ingredients and is determined to become a key player in food transition. We are convinced of the urgency to advocate for the technology together, for a more environmentally friendly, “fit for the future” food production system, and for a more competitive and innovative EU".

About precision fermentation: Precision fermentation combines the process of traditional fermentation with the latest advances in biotechnology to efficiently produce a compound of interest, such as a protein, flavour molecule, vitamin, pigment, or fat. A specific molecular sequence is inserted into a microorganism (such as algae, bacteria, fungi or yeast) to give it instructions to produce the desired molecule when fermented. These molecular sequences are derived from digitized databases rather than taken directly from the relevant animals or plants. At the end of the fermentation process, the resulting compounds are filtered out, separating them from the microorganisms that produced them. Precision fermentation has been in use globally for over 30 years to make medicines (like insulin), vitamins, flavours or food (such as rennet) but can now be applied to production of key food ingredients like dairy proteins.


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