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Slashing CO2 with New Tech


13 Apr 2012



Controlling Fuel Consumption with an Algorithm and an App

Brussels, 12 April: Noting a lack of progress in Europe’s fuel efficiency and the battle to slash greenhouse gases, leading figures from the freight industry and European Union examined innovative solutions showcased at an event in the European Parliament.

Among them, Swedish inventor-entrepreneur Sten Forseke presented his LeanHaulage® technology, now used across Europe by 15,000 truck drivers, which cuts CO2 emissions and generates fuel savings of 15-20% on average.

LeanHaulage® is based on an algorithm which provides an objective measurement of energy efficient driving and fills the gap between the driver and fuel consumption and makes it possible to continuously measure the result of EcoDriving.

‘I’m passionate about changing the world,’ Sten said. ‘We’re burning up far too much fuel, and that’s unacceptable to me.’

The Parliament’s Transport Committee Chairman Brian Simpson of the UK hosted the event, with speakers including Laure Chapuis, cabinet member of European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, Simone Mancini of the ERRT, Michael Nielsen of the IRU, Richard Smokers from TNO Science and Industry and Mike Sturgeon of the Association of Vehicle Logistics.

The EU would be unthinkable without competitive transport but road transport is often seen as the big bad wolf. We need this debate to find solutions to meeting economic and social needs while also meeting environmental targets,’ said MEP Simpson.

Europe has committed itself to cutting CO2 output 20 percent by 2020 to fight global warming, but there are doubts it can meet that goal. Policymakers see cutting fuel consumption as one way to achieve that goal.

Forseke’s plug-n-play device measures the energy efficiency of drivers and provides recommendations based on a ground breaking algorithm which relays the information to an app or computer. On 8 May, Sten will introduce a similar device for passenger cars in Stockholm, which will take motoring into the Facebook-age and will enable cars to cut their fuel use by up to 25%, with a global launch later in the year.

About Greater Than

Greater Than is a Belgian/Swedish based company that specialises in IT solutions to help road transport become more sustainable. The LeanHaulage® application measures driver fuel efficiency, which is a measurement of energy efficient driving, regardless of type of vehicle, fuel consumption, traffic and other external factors. This is an objective measurement that the driver can influence rather than the subjective monitoring of certain driver behaviours. As a result, further CO2 reductions and improved driver well-being is achieved.

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