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SGI Europe’s assessment of the COP26 in Glasgow


22 Nov 2021


Climate & Environment

SGI Europe welcomes the consensus reached by global leaders from over 190 countries in Glasgow (United Kingdom), after two weeks of negotiations. The COP26 concluded its sessions with a global Glasgow Climate Pact, pledging to keep limiting global warming to 1.5 C degrees and additionally agreed to invest 100 billion dollars per year to support vulnerable and developing countries hit by climate change. The fight against climate change should now remain on the agenda of all, and its severe impacts on the environment, economy and social life should be clearly recognised in order to anticipate the transition.

Furthermore, SGI Europe:

  • Welcomes that all parties at the COP26 were able to agree for the first time to accelerate efforts towards the phase-down of unabated coal power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, and recognised the need for support towards a just transition. Divesting from fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to decarbonised and renewable will be key in delivering the climate targets in Europe and the world.
  • Deems it necessary to report on the decarbonisation progress in each country. Therefore, the so-called Paris Agreement Rulebook, which fixes this kind of transparency and reporting requirements for all parties to track progress against their emission reduction targets, is welcomed.
  • Welcomed the clear recognition of the impacts of climate change disproportionality affecting poorer households and the challenges it brings in the fight against inequalities in the transition. We call upon the European Commission to continue to engage with EU Social Partners to support workers and employers in the transition. The integration of the social dimension must remain a key aspect in the energy and climate transition to reach acceptability for all.
  • Highlights that emission reductions require several tools to meet the climate targets, and welcomes the inclusion in the Rulebook under Article 6 of a mechanism to set out the functioning of international carbon markets to support further global cooperation on emission reductions. The proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism should be another climate tool to encourage decarbonisation of the economy, with its diplomatic implementation taking into account the EU trading partners.
  • Welcomes, looking beyond the measures of mitigation, the new EU pledge of 100 million euros in finance for the Climate Adaptation Fund. SGI Europe pleads to look beyond CO2 reduction measures, prepare and act to protect biodiversity and the ecosystem for the guarantee of healthy soil and safe water supply.
  • Urges, whilst further steps were taken to reduce the emission reduction in the transport sector by pledging to further boost the roll-out of zero emission vehicles (ZEV), to give a clear priority and deliver on concrete actions to boost public transportation and shifting to rail freight transportation. This will be a vital pillar for the economic, social and environmental recovery in the short and long-term. Public transportation and delivering a modal shift to rail freight will be key to reach the ambitious climate targets.