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Security – a priority for public transport


09 Dec 2010


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The Security Commission of the International Association of Public Transport
(UITP) has recently released a new official position ‘Secure Public Transport in
a Changeable World’. The document identifies the fundamentals of public
transport security and outlines security’s central role in making public the mode
of choice for today’s citizens.

Public transport is open, easily accessible without reservation, and used by millions of people everyday. There characteristics are central to the efficiency of public transport and in turn the efficiency of modern urban society. Any security measure put in place must respect these prerequisites.

The recommendations put forward by the Security Commission of UITP focus on how security can help public transport operators and stakeholders increase ridership thanks to a more secure, and therefore more attractive, public transport service. Making security a corporate priority and investing in it can potentially bring economic benefits.

The position suggests a security concept based on Risk Assessment, and a balance
between measures based on the Human factor (staff), Procedures and Technology in order to face security threats.

To support its recommendations, UITP has made available a set of Guidelines for
Conducting Security Risk Assessment and is conducting its first Training Programme on Security Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness & Response. Taking place in Brussels on 8-10 December 2010, participants receive practical guidance on how to conduct a security risk assessment and then to respond to a serious security incident.

Geoff Dunmore, London Underground Operational Security Manager & Chairman of
UITP Security Commission underlined the conclusions of this official position: “There is no ‘silver bullet’ to prevent terrorism and other threats and it is important to respond in a proportionate way to it: we must continue to provide an essential public transport service to keep our citizens and our economies moving. Public transport remains the safest form of transport.”

The full document can be downloaded at

Reaching the excellence in security is a prerequisite for UITP’s ambition of doubling public transport market share by 2025.

Notes to Editors
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3,400 members from 92 countries. UITP is the global advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector. For more information, please visit

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