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S&Ds urge EU to overcome hesitation and step up to become a truly geopolitical Union


29 Feb 2024



Today, the European Parliament held a key debate on European security and defence. The S&D Group criticised the Commission for the lack of concrete initiatives towards a more geopolitical Europe. After the debate, the European Parliament approved the annual report on the implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), demanding from member states to invest seriously in European security and defence, provide all necessary military support to Ukraine and cooperate closely with all our like-minded partners across the globe.

S&D Group vice-president for foreign affairs, Pedro Marques, said:

“In a pivotal moment for Europe and the world, we reflect on our responses to existential threats, such as the successful handling of the Covid-19 crisis and the united stance against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“However, as another conflict unfolds on our borders – with more than 30,000 Palestinians dead at the hands of the Israeli army in Gaza – the rest of the world is yet again questioning our moral compass.

“We want to say it loud and clear: The world will not forgive us for our double standards. Our Union simply cannot continue to hesitate. If we want to be more geo-political, we have to be geo-strategic, mobilising all the Union's instruments. A safer Europe is a sustainable Europe that projects its strength globally to promote peace, not war; to promote development, not inequalities. A safer Europe can be more relevant in its own defence while also emphasising the importance of solidarity. It is time to turn aspirations into actions – knowing that an eye for an eye will only throw this world into blindness.”

The Common Security and Defence Policy rapporteur and S&D member, Sven Mikser, added:

“Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine must not succeed. For us, it is a moral duty to support – by all available means – the fight for survival of a sovereign democratic European nation. At the same time, we have to understand that Ukraine’s defeat would also be devastating for EU security and present a mortal threat to the rules-based international order as we know it. The Russian aggression against Ukraine has highlighted the need for robust and capable European defence based on a harmonised threat assessment and shared strategic culture. The EU, along with its member states, must allocate sufficient resources towards our collective security and defence, while also ensuring the establishment of necessary institutional frameworks enabling the Union to effectively address crises in its vicinity.”


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