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S&Ds: Thanks to the new Control Regulation, the EU fisheries sector is making a huge leap into the future


17 Oct 2023


Global Europe
The European Parliament, thanks to five years of intense and persistent work by the S&D Group throughout the last two mandates, has approved the reform on EU Fisheries Control, which modifies six regulations.
The Fisheries Control Regulation will now push the whole sector towards a wider environmental, social and economic sustainability, and full digitalisation in compliance with the Common Fisheries Policy. This Regulation will apply to all EU fishing vessels and EU nationals whose activity is carried out in EU waters, in all of the member states’ territories, or wherever they operate. Also, third country vessels operating in EU waters will have to comply with these rules.
The main achievements we ensured are: a full monitoring of the fishing fleet based on digital tools; a full traceability of fishing products in the EU (fresh, frozen and processed); an increase in data collection and control of recreational fisheries; a uniform application of sanctions in the EU.
The rapporteur and S&D MEP, Clara Aguilera, commented: 
“After five intense years of hard work, we have reached a balanced agreement for the EU fisheries sector. We have finally ensured a fundamental harmonisation and the transparency of control rules, which were both greatly requested by citizens and the fisheries sector.
“One of the milestone successes of this reform will be the full digitalisation of the fisheries sector. A big leap into the future that will enter into force in four years so as to allow the sector to have enough time to adapt.
“As for the reporting obligations, the procedures have been simplified for the small scale fisheries sector.
“Last but not least, we ensure a full traceability, as consumers have the right to know the origin of all food products, which is especially important for fresh, frozen, or processed fish.
“Thanks to all these achievements, the EU fisheries sector can look at the future with hope and confidence.”
S&D coordinator in the committee of fisheries, Isabel Carvalhais, added: 
“The Fisheries Control Regulation is a cornerstone of the Common Fisheries Policy. It will have a great and positive impact, especially on the sustainable management of marine resources, the prevention of overfishing, the recovery of over-exploited stocks, and in dignifying all fishing activities.
“We are proud of this result as it has been carefully thought through to support the fisheries sector, letting transparency and responsibility emerge as principles in the defence of the whole EU sector.”


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