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S&Ds: Mr. Trump thinks he can give Golan Heights to his friend Mr Netanyahu as a gift. The EU will never accept it


Public Affairs
The S&D Group fiercely protests against the decision to recognise the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
S&D Group vice-president for foreign affairs Elena Valenciano said:
"We live in times when Mr Trump pretends to rule the world through tweets and presidential proclamations. He simply believes he can give the territory of a country to another country as a gift to a friend, Mr Netanyahu. Mr Trump has no idea about the risks of his irresponsible behaviour in the Middle East - in Jerusalem, Iran, Syria, and now the Golan Heights. The European Union must stand united against this shameful and political mistake in the name of international law. We have to say it loud and clear: The EU will never accept and follow unilateral declarations aimed at changing the status of the Golan Heights, or Jerusalem. The time has largely come for the EU to play a genuine political role in this region with the aim of saving the hope of peace.”