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S&Ds launch ‘The European week for democracy’ that will culminate in a march for Europe on Sunday. Do not leave the EU in the hands of populists and extremists. Join us!


Global Europe
We stand up for Europe. A different Europe. When? If not now!
The EU is going through difficult times. Member states are divided on the future common path to take, the migration crisis has shown a complete lack of solidarity, the economy is stagnating, the United Kingdom is about to leave, inequalities are growing across the continent and populists and right-wing forces are spreading hate and fear among people. This is not the EU we want.
Two months before the European elections, it is high time passionate Europeans stand up and defend our European community. This is why we are dedicating the whole of this week to Europe: The European week for democracy.
We say no to divisions and hate. We stand up for freedom and democracy. When? If not now!
We want a different Europe. A Europe that defends women’s rights. A Europe that fights against climate change, tax evasion and tax havens. The Europe we want fights for decent wages, tax justice, social fairness and for children’s rights. The Europe we want stands for solidarity and human rights.
This is going to be a week full of events, strategic debates and political discussion.
We will start on Wednesday 20th with the School of Democracy, already presenting its 5th edition, where hundreds of fervent young people from all over Europe will gather in Brussels to fight back against populists and illiberals. Young students will engage in crucial and interactive debates with political and intellectual leaders such as Frans Timmermans, the Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller, French politician Pascal Lamy, Jan Zielonka from Oxford University, and many others on the future of the EU, democracy, and the challenge we need to face. Find out more here
Our week of democracy will continue on Friday 22nd with a Progressive Society #EuropeTogether debate entitled ‘SHAPING OUR SOCIETY: TIME FOR ANOTHER FUTURE’. Prominent guests, like the former Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, will have an in-depth discussion on the way to build a better society where economic, social, regional and environmental inequalities are no longer allowed. Find out more here.
Finally, on Sunday 24th, we will organize a march for Europe in Brussels, and elsewhere, together with citizens and civil society to stand up for the EU and our shared values. We will gather at Place Poelaerts at 13:30 and we will march together to Place Luxembourg, where we’re giving the stage to members of the civil society, artists, students and activists who will speak of the Europe we all want. In the same timeframe, similar marches and manifestations will be held across Europe. Find out more here.
Join us in defending Europe against the enemies of democracy.
When? If not now!
March with us!