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S&Ds: “Italy shows us that it is high time for a new Europe”


Global Europe
Justice & Home Affairs
Against the backdrop of the current political situation in Italy and on the occasion of a visit in Milan on Thursday, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann urgently calls for a reform of Europe and a strengthened Eurozone.
“We are standing at a crossroads. The situation in Italy is extremely serious and sensitive, not only for the Italian people but for all Europeans. If Italians vote a new government soon it has to be crystal clear that the choice is not between national isolationism and an outdated version of Europe. We have to show people that there is a third option, that we always supported, of building a better Europe that truly cares about and protects its workers, children and pensioners. That includes, among other things, a reform of the economic and monetary union, a Eurozone budget as well as more democratic power for the European Parliament. We stand for that kind of Europe and we stand on the side of the progressive forces in Italy.
“As progressives, we truly care about Italy and its people, especially their social security and wellbeing. This is why we are glad that President Mattarella, after supporting the effort to form a government in every possible way, protected Italy on the grounds of the constitution by refusing a Finance Minister who would have led Italy and Europe into political, economic and social chaos. The future steps are in the hands of the Italian Parliament and the People.
S&D group leader Udo Bullmann will visit the conference “Sustainable Development Goals, Climate and the Future of Europe” in Milan on Thursday, where he will also take the chance to discuss the current political situation. “If we really want to build a fairer Europe for our citizens then sustainability must be our political compass, be it in economic, in social or in environmental terms. I am happy to be in Milan to exchange ideas on how we can succeed in this.”
Contact for interview requests: Angelika Pentsi, President’s spokesperson: 0032-473-930-060