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S&Ds on Brexit: EU shows leadership where May has failed. She must work with Labour or go back to the people


UK in Europe
Following the decision last night of EU leaders to delay Brexit until 12 April, or 22 May if a withdrawal agreement is approved, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann and S&D Group spokesperson for Brexit Roberto Gualtieri said:
“The European Council has shown leadership where Theresa May has failed. Her proposal of extending to the end of June, without clear plan of what she would do with the extra time, was clearly unworkable and would have created an even steeper cliff edge. Brexit was apparently about taking back control, instead we are witnessing a UK Prime Minister abdicating essential decisions and trying to place the blame on others. This is now an emergency situation. This is the final shot for May.
“Again and again, May has failed to engage in dialogue with the opposition to try and find broad support for a softer Brexit. She has always put the interests of keeping her party together ahead of her country and her citizens. This is unforgivable. Brexit is a tragic mistake, but we have always worked in a constructive way to ensure citizens are protected and the peace process in Northern Ireland is maintained. Our group will always fight for these principles and will ensure that whatever happens, the rights of citizens are ring-fenced.
“May must not waste any more time, she must work with Labour for a closer EU-UK relationship or put the question back to the British people.”