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S&Ds on Ammunition Act: The Union will produce arms for Ukrainians without depleting funds for other EU policies


11 Jul 2023



This evening, the S&D Group brought decisive support to build a majority in the EP’s committee on industry, research and energy for the approval of the deal on the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP). The Ammunition Act was agreed last week among the Member States, the European Parliament and European Commission. The S&D Group succeeded in striking the balance between providing the necessary funding for increased capacity of the European defence industry, and production of armament for the Ukrainian army, without depleting existing programmes and funds under the cohesion policy. In addition, the S&Ds ensured the respect for social rights and the EU provisions on working hours for workers in the defence industry.

Carlos Zorrinho, MEP and S&D negotiator on the Ammunition Act in the committee on industry, research and energy, said:

 “It is good news Europe will find the means for funding the production of armament needed to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. I am proud that the position of our group was crucial to convince the Member States, the European Commission and the other political groups in the Parliament that this must not come at the cost of cohesion policy. We promised to our citizens development of their regions and cities as well as cohesion throughout the Union. It is crucial we don't use cohesion funds as an emergency instrument every time there is a pressuring need. Money for the Ammunition Act will come from other headings of the EU budget; one more good reason why we need a revision of the current Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.

“I am also happy our group protected the hard-won workers’ rights, especially on working time, we fought for so long to get enshrined in EU legislation. We won’t compromise on these rights and managed to delete the Commission’s proposal in this respect.

“EU money can’t primarily go to big companies. This is why we included provisions giving priority to projects with participation of small and medium enterprises in the production of ammunition.

“After the positive vote on the deal in the committee on industry, research and energy this evening, I remain positive for the vote by the plenary of the European Parliament on Thursday.”


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