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PU Europe Cautiously Welcomes IMCO Vote on Construction Products Regulation


24 Nov 2010

Yesterday, the European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee (IMCO) adopted its second reading position on the future Construction Products Regulation. Many of the industry’s demands were taken into account, but some question marks remain.

PU Europe welcomes the fact that the IMCO vote confirms most of the Council first reading positions, including the one on the compulsory character of CE marking and related exemptions. PU Europe also supports the decision regarding article 6.2 to limit the information on the content of hazardous substances with the declaration of performance to substances of very high concern.
On behalf of PU Europe, Oliver Loebel stated: “We strongly support efforts to reinforce the protection of people and the environment. Our members fully comply with REACH and we have already made publically available test results of VOC and SVOC emissions for our products. However, extending this requirement to all hazardous substances, even when they are not emitted, would have added significant costs without improving health and safety protection for users.”

The amendments regarding article 7 (electronic supply of the declaration of performance), articles 29-31 (TABs), article 37 (micro-enterprises), article 38.1 (made-to-measure products) and annex I can also be supported.

On the other hand, PU Europe is opposed to the revised article 4.1 which now requires that a European Technical Assessment (ETA) becomes compulsory as soon as a European Assessment Document (EAD) has been developed. A manufacturer selling only at regional level would be obliged to obtain an ETA as soon as an EAD was developed on request of one of his competitors elsewhere in Europe. This would certainly increase the burden on SMEs.

Clarification is also needed regarding the revised art. 6.3 c. Today, the performance of essential characteristics only needs to be declared where required by national regulation. It should be made clear in the text, that this condition is maintained. Hence, only where required by a country, manufactures shall declare the performance of all those essential characteristics relevant for the intended use.

“The second reading vote provides a good basis for discussion with the Council. PU Europe urges all parties involved to remove the ETA requirement from the final agreement”, Loebel concluded.

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