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Progressive leaders in Berlin: We stand for democracy and are united in the fight against the far right


08 Apr 2024



During a high-level meeting in Berlin today, leaders from the S&D Group and the SPD met to discuss the challenges ahead of the upcoming EU elections in June and beyond. The S&D Bureau and Heads of Delegationsled by President Iratxe García, met with the SPD Bureau, led by German chancellor Olaf Scholz, SPD party leaders Saskia Esken and Lars Klingbeil as well as Katarina Barley, European Parliament vice-president and responsible for Europe in the SPD Bureau. The progressive leaders reiterated their strong commitment to a joint fight against the far right, both in Germany and in Europe. Standing united to deliver for the people and standing up for democracy and open societies today is more important than ever. 

S&D Group President Iratxe García, following the strategic exchange, said:

We are facing a key moment. In less than two months, our citizens will have to decide on which Europe they want. The project of the Social Democrats for the coming years is clear: we need, more than ever, to move forward – and the best way to move forward is by defending the principles and values of Social Democracy.

Under the leadership of the Social Democrats, we have achieved a lot in recent years such as Next Generation EU, Sure, the Green Deal, child and youth guarantees, minimum wages and the reduction of the gender pay gap. Yet there is still much more to do.

We work for a Union that will once again inspire citizens  a project that will not be dragged down by the fear, hatred and misinformation of the right and extreme right.

This goes much further than simple laws in some regions, like what is happening in Spain with the PP and Vox’s attacks against the law of democratic memory. This is about democracy and its values in our Union.

Today, the extreme right has a common strategy throughout Europe against democracy. And the EPP, under the leadership of Manfred Weber, has aligned with the far right to destroy everything we have built together; boiling down to our citizens rights. The S&D family is united  more than ever  to cooperate and defend, now and tomorrow, the Union that our citizens deserve.

European Parliament vice-president Katarina Barley said:

Our discussions today have once again shown how united the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats is. Only a strong Europe can guarantee peace and security, social justice, sustainability and future viability. 

The far right in Europe does not want a strong Europe. Neither the AfD nor its right-wing partners in Europe are acting in the interests of their countries. They want to weaken Europe and thus play into the hands of autocrats who benefit from a weak Europe. We are firmly opposed to this. 

We ensure that peoples lives are made easier and that they can live in stability and prosperity. We are fighting for affordable housing and for a common European future for our young people. I look forward to shaping the future together with a progressive alliance.


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