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PRISM Scandal - EPP Group to push introduction of 'anti-net tapping clause'. Axel Voss MEP, Sean Kelly MEP, Marielle Gallo MEP and Lara Comi MEP


20 Jun 2013


Health & Consumers
Justice & Home Affairs

EPP Group MEPs leading on the Data Protection reform have agreed to the introduction of an "anti-net tapping clause" to the General Data Protection Regulation, known as Article 42.

Axel Voss MEP, EPP Group Shadow Rapporteur for Data Protection in the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament, as well as Sean Kelly MEP, Rapporteur for the Industry, Energy and Research Committee, Marielle Gallo MEP, Rapporteur for the Legal Affairs Committee, and Lara Comi MEP, Rapporteur for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, have agreed to push the clause in the ongoing negotiations.

“Article 42 provides crucial protection for European citizens by stating that third countries cannot access European data without a clear basis in national law. It prevents third countries from accessing our data at will or at random – an important protection for citizens in light of the recent PRISM ‘net-tapping’ revelations”, said Axel Voss.

“Article 42 was originally dropped from the European Commission proposal following intense lobbying from US officials", said Marielle Gallo.

“It is a huge challenge to develop a uniform data protection law in Europe and to balance the needs of the authorities, business and private citizen in terms of access and privacy. However, Article 42 provides a very necessary firewall against any possible unwarranted ‘snooping’ on our citizens. Any monitoring of EU citizens by third countries should only be carried out under the terms of the so-called mutual assistance treaties in force - they should have clear grounds in EU and national law", said Lara Comi.

"Whereas we must not take our eye off the ball in the fight against terrorism, we must nevertheless ensure that this fight is carried out cleanly and that citizens have a right to redress under their own national courts", said Sean Kelly.


“It is our job to restore the trust of EU citizens as we continue to negotiate the new Data Protection laws”, concluded Voss.


For further information:

Axel VOSS MEP, tel.: +32-228-45302

Seán KELLY MEP, tel.: +32-228-45206

Marielle GALLO MEP, tel.: +32-228-45181

Lara COMI MEP, tel.: +32-228-45135

Theodoros Georgitsopoulos, EPP Group Press and Communications Service, tel.: +32-475-750566

Thomas Bickl, EPP Group Press and Communications Service, tel.: +32-478-215372


Note to Editors:

Text of Article 42


Disclosures not authorized by Union law

1. No judgment of a court or tribunal and no decision of an administrative authority of a third country requiring a controller or processor to disclose personal data shall be recognized or be enforceable in any manner, without prejudice to a mutual assistance treaty or an international agreement in force between the requesting third country and the Union or a Member State.

2. Where a judgment of a court or tribunal or a decision of an administrative authority of a third country requests a controller or processor to disclose personal data, the controller or processor and, if any, the controller's representative, shall notify the supervisory authority of the request without undue delay and must obtain prior authorisation for the transfer by the supervisory authority in accordance with point (b) of Article 31(1).

3. The supervisory authority shall assess the compliance of the requested disclosure with the Regulation and in particular whether the disclosure is necessary and legally required in accordance with points (d) and (e) of paragraph 1 and paragraph 5 of Article 41.

4. The supervisory authority shall inform the competent national authority of the request. The controller or processor shall also inform the data subject of the request and of the authorisation by the supervisory authority.







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