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Political decisions in the framework of the Health Check must not weaken farmers’ incomes.


18 Nov 2008


Health & Consumers
Agriculture & Food

17 November 2008

Press Release

In view of the Council of Ministers’ meeting on 18 and 19 November which is proving a key stage

of the negotiations on the CAP Health Check, the Member Organisations of Copa are calling

upon agricultural ministers to exercise their know-how.

Given the market situation which is deteriorating particularly for the cereals and milk sectors,

the Presidents of Copa’s Member Organisations are asking Commission to act and especially to

use the market management tools needed for regulation.

The current situation shows how essential this regulation is for ensuring that supply is stable and

for limiting price volatility which is not good for anyone. Mr LEMETAYER recalled that the

Health Check must be a time for improving these tools instead of withdrawing them, as proposed

by the Commission, on the basis of price assumptions which do not reflect reality.

With a view to the key forthcoming debate at the Council of agriculture ministers on

18-19 November on the future of the dairy quota regime, the presidents of agricultural

organisations are alerting their ministers to the responsibilities they hold for the future of

producers’ incomes in this sector. A large number of agricultural organisations are still calling for

dairy quotas not to be increased if it compromises the delicate balance between the market and

producers’ survival. Given this context, it is clear that the Commission must review its outlook

for the development of the dairy markets, which has served as a basis for legal proposals, and lay

down a regular ‘rendezvous’ mechanism for decisions made by the Agriculture Council in order

to avoid major crises.

“Whilst we are in this unprecedented situation of lurching from one crisis to another; health,

food, financial and economic, European farmers are calling upon agriculture ministers not to add

a new crisis; that of European agricultural production. Farmers and European citizens would not

forgive them so easily,” stressed Mr Lemétayer.

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