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Over 100 tools for energy saving in build environment now online


25 Jul 2011



How do I plan to build a passive house? How can I renovate my house in an energy efficient way? What financial instruments are available in the Netherlands to stimulate energy saving measures? How can I measure the energy consumption of my building? Answers to these questions and many more can now be found on the website The Smart-energy Buidings  partners have assembled a database with over 100 tools for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings.

The European Campaign for Smart-energy Buildings, aiming at investing smartly in energy efficiency and renewable energy for the building sector, was launched in May. The campaign invites citizens, building owners, and public authorities to interact, get informed and act to create smart energy buildings. The database with various tools for private and public house owners, landlords and tenants, companies and policymakers that is now online, is an important instrument to exploit the huge energy-saving potential of the building sector.

The website also contains a lot of good practices of buildings examples from various European countries showcasing solutions and appliances in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

To get continuously new information on the subject, people who are interested in the subject can follow the campaign via Twitter and Facebook. 

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