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ORLEN - logistics 2.0


04 Mar 2016


Innovation & Enterprise
Trade & Society

Digital, automatic access path to fuel loading and wagons under special supervision - in an effort to further streamline logistics processes, PKN ORLEN has launched a pilot CCTV scheme and adopted RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology to track rail wagons. The new solutions have already improved logistic efficiency and security.

CCTV was developed and put in service in one of PKN ORLEN’s storage terminals as a pilot scheme for the new innovative approach to loading road tankers. The solution is based on License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, which uses digital camera images to read license plates. It is integrated with the terminal management system enabling partial automation of the process. Remote identification is conducted at every step - before entering the terminal grounds, next in the loading area and at the end of the loading process and when finalising transactions. Any potential doubts are clarified by the facility staff.
CCTV tests have demonstrated that the tool performs in line with initial expectations and has improved terminal capacity by 30% through reduced driver serving time. This is important both for PKN Orlen, due the ability to serve more drivers, and for carriers, who can manage their drivers more efficiently. The automated process has also enhanced security through appropriate management of the number of road trucks that may be at the facility at any given time. PKN ORLEN has also implemented a system of OHS training based on multimedia kiosks, with periodic testing of knowledge of safety rules in place at fuel terminals.
As part of new logistics solutions in the company, PKN ORLEN implemented an innovative rail wagon tracking system. Thanks to RFID tags installed on wagons, the company can determine the exact position of wagons on railway sidings and monitor their status (empty, loaded, idle). This information can be used to improve loading planning, contributing to more efficient wagon use. Tags on wagons are scanned on fixed gates installed alongside railway tracks and by man-operated mobile scanners. In conjunction with the GPS technology, RFID also enables tracking of running trains, which translates to increased transport security and streamlines planning of stocks in the distribution network. PKN ORLEN operates the system on an exclusivity basis, regardless of wagon origin.