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Music4Inclusion Wraps Up Third Workshop with an Inspiring Media Day


18 Apr 2024


Languages & Culture

Brussels, April 17th - The Music4Inclusion Erasmus+ Project, co-funded by the EU, is making waves in the heart of Europe by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to speak the universal language of music. Following its third workshop, the project culminated in a dynamic Media Day in Brussels, revealing the profound impact of music on social inclusion as a catalyst for social inclusion and integration across Europe. 

Işıl Ergeç, Vice President of Mind Hub, a key figure in the project’s realisation, shares, "Music4Inclusion is not just a project; it's a movement. By blending various cultural melodies, we're crafting a new symphony of inclusion and understanding. The heart of Music4Inclusion beats with the rhythm of diversity and unity. Through this project, we aim to forge connections, understanding, and a shared sense of community across cultures."

Highlights & Expected Outcomes: 

  • Music4Inclusion has set a benchmark in utilising music for fostering social inclusion. The project aims to create a harmonious blend of music and inclusion by assembling an orchestra comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and countries, symbolising unity in diversity. 
  • A significant output of this project is the development of the "Music 4 Inclusion Training Program" and a comprehensive handbook designed to serve as a pivotal resource in adult education for social inclusion. This handbook is intended to inspire music teachers, musicians, and professionals in the music industry, equipping them with the tools to integrate music into social inclusion efforts effectively. 
  • Moreover, the creation of a common repertoire, representing various cultures, serves to amplify the voices of immigrants and minorities within societies, facilitating an environment ripe for cultural exchange and communication. This repertoire, developed jointly by the project partners, will be performed by the Unified By Music Orchestra, showcasing the unifying power of music at the project's conclusion. This concert will mark the end of Music4Inclusion project and take place on 21st of June in Brussels.

The outcomes and results of the Music4Inclusion project will be disseminated through the project website and the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform, serving as a testament to the enduring power of music in bridging divides and building a more inclusive society. 

With a keen eye on the future, Music4Inclusion promises to continue its mission of weaving together the cultural fabric of Europe through melody and harmony.