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“Memorandum of Understanding” on the Sustainable Reconstruction of Ukraine signed by European Social Partners of the Construction industry


21 Nov 2023


Sustainable Dev.

At the occasion of the Recovery Construction Forum 2.0 in Warsaw, Philip Crampton, President of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) and Tom Deleu, General Secretary of the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers (EFBWW), presented the "Memorandum of Understanding" on the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine.

In this Memorandum, the EFBWW and FIEC, the European sectoral Social Partners of the construction industry, recognise the important role of the European Union and its Member States in promoting a sustainability in the recovery phase of the country. They encourage the concerned stakeholders and authorities to put in place an adequate framework aiming at:

  • Combatting corruption and ensuring effective monitoring and inspection.
  • Promoting quality jobs.
  • Ensuring quality apprenticeships and the development of skills in collaboration with training facilities in EU Member States. Encouraging collective bargaining.
  • Adopting adequate occupational health and safety provisions in the construction sector, especially regarding the exposure of workers to asbestos.
  • Fostering the cooperation between Social Partners.

Johan Lindholm, EFBWW President, stressed that "there is no reconstruction of Ukraine without workers. They cannot be left behind. Workers' health and safety must be ensured, strict limits on the exposure to asbestos must be imposed and respected. That is the only way to stop an asbestos pandemic that is already threatening everyone. Direct jobs, quality jobs, and collective bargaining agreements must be the rule. Proper training must be given to workers".
"Finally, we ask more inspections to make sure that these basic rules are being respected and effective sanctions when they are not.

"Despite the technological developments, the construction activities remain mainly driven by people. Our workforce is a key pillar for the functioning of our companies. It is therefore our responsibility and our duty as employers to take care of our workers in all the work-related aspects (working conditions, safety, health, training,...)" - said Philip Crampton, FIEC President.

"The reconstruction of Ukraine will also need to take into account the social dimension, in particular because it is a fundamental element of the EU legislative framework that Ukraine will have to implement in view of a future accession to the EU" - added Philip Crampton.

After the signature of the Memorandum, representatives of the Construction and Building Materials' Industry Workers Union of Ukraine (PROFBUD) and the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) shared with FIEC and EFBWW members their thoughts on the main challenges and needs regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine. The European Social Partners and their Ukrainian counterparts agreed to continue close cooperation and to work together for the implementation of this "Memorandum of Understanding".

Link to the Memorandum.


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