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Macron, Kallas, Mitsotakis, Lindner – protect workers, not exploitative platforms!


26 Feb 2024



The future of over 30 million platform workers and the European social model are on the agenda of the European Parliament today, at the request of the Socialists and Democrats. The liberal leaders in France, Estonia and Germany – Emmanuel Macron, Kaja Kallas and Christian Lindner – as well as the conservative Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, are blocking a historic opportunity to protect all workers and the European economy in the digital era. They must end the deadlock immediately, urge the S&Ds. 

Elisabetta Gualmini, S&D vice-president and European Parliament’s rapporteur on the new EU legislation on platform work, said: 

"Twice, the European Parliament under the leadership of the S&Ds reached a historic deal on protecting platform workers and preventing the disruption of the European labour market, first with the Spanish and then with the Belgian Presidency. Twice, EU member states then failed to endorse it. The ball is in their court.

“Surrendering to aggressive lobbying of exploitative platform giants, Macron, Kallas, Lindner and Mitsotakis are holding over 30 million platform workers hostage to protect big economic interests. We asked for today’s debate to urge them again to end the deadlock immediately, and to set things straight.

“Heading to the EU elections in 100 days, Europeans need to know – liberals in France, Estonia and Germany, and conservatives in Greece, are blocking an opportunity to protect all workers in the digital era and shield good employers against unfair competition.”

Agnes Jongerius, S&D spokesperson for employment, added:

“This deadlock is about failing to protect people who give us rides, bring us food and perform many other services for us every day. Many platforms hire them as bogus self-employed, depriving them from decent wages and labour rights. 

“We have negotiated a historic deal that would give platform workers dignity, protection and rights. It would also preserve true self-employment, prevent unfair competition, and introduce ground-breaking rules on algorithm management so the machines cannot fire people or spy on them.

“The current deadlock is therefore a big threat to the European social model. Some liberal and conservative forces are putting our social Europe in danger and wasting a chance for Europe to become the pioneer in global labour law.”