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Lowering energy prices an EPP Group priority


04 Mar 2014


“By setting unrealistic climate targets we are sabotaging our own economies towards self-destruction. The key is to look at the costs which we, the consumers, entrepreneurs, employees in the European Union, pay for being the lonely knight of the global fight against climate change. Otherwise what we get is a distorted picture of reality. Therefore, it is uplifting that such an analysis was the subject of today's Council meeting”, said Jerzy Buzek MEP after the meeting of EU Energy Ministers in Brussels.
At the same time, the prominent polish MEP noted that there are more reasons behind rising energy prices in Europe: "Instead of eliminating particular raw materials, we should develop environmentally-friendly technologies. Following the American example, let's focus on indigenous sources of energy, like shale gas. We should also increase our energy efficiency, because the cheapest energy is the one you do not need to produce at all", argued Buzek.
The European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the completion of the EU internal energy market has once again highlighted the role of interconnectors - particularly gas interconnectors - connecting the EU with neighbouring countries. "In the new budget for the years 2014-2020, we allocated around €6 billion for this purpose. It also strengthens the EU's cooperation with countries of the Energy Community - especially with Ukraine. This will allow us to truly diversify our energy mix. It will also strengthen the EU’s position in negotiations with suppliers from outside the EU. And last but not least, it will move us away from unfavourable oil indexation mechanism in gas contracts.”
Jerzy Buzek once again warned against the lack of balance between economic and climate policies.
"Higher energy prices translate into smaller energy security and competitiveness of the economy, and fewer jobs. That's what we are discussing, wondering whether to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, or less. We do not want our entire industry to move to China, India or even to the United States, as we are seeing in the fertilizer industry. In the context of the EU-US Free Trade Agreement currently under negotiation, it might have disastrous consequences. We are continuously talking about our climate ambitions. But what happened to our ambitions of becoming the global economy leader?", asked the former President of the European Parliament.
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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