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Lisbon Treaty is a must, say Public services employers


29 Oct 2009


Social Europe & Jobs

“The sky under which we are meeting today is certainly bluer than last spring, but still not blue enough”, said CEEP President Carl Cederschiöld addressing the Tripartite Social Summit chaired by the Swedish Presidency on 29 October 2010.

“The central role played by public services in overcoming the crisis must be recognised at all levels”, Mr Cederschiöld said. “Therefore CEEP is looking forward to the full ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. This will be a fundamental step for CEEP, who sees its long-standing
demand finally recognised”.

Namely, the insertion of Services of General Economic Interest in the horizontal provisions of the Treaty. “CEEP is very glad that this is accompanied by the recognition of the essential role and wide discretion of regional and local actors in providing, commissioning and organising Services of General Economic Interest as close as possible to the needs of the users” declared CEEP President.

“The few signs of a global upturn should not be overestimated as there are also clear indications of an expected second round of crisis”, said CEEP President.
Carl Cederschiöld stressed that the answer must be found namely in structural reforms and long term goals. Public services providers are part of this response because they are performing during this crisis as stabilisers both of the economy and of labour markets. They act as catalysts for economic growth and provide the infrastructure for private business prosperity. However, said Mr Cederschiöld, CEEP members cannot keep doing business as usual if the current extra pressure on public budgets and consequent cuts in public services are pursued.
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CEEP gathers enterprises and organisations from across Europe, both public and private, at national, regional and local level, which are public employers or providers of services of general interest. CEEP members employ a quarter of the EU workforce; CEEP is one of the three European Social Partners.


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