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The Left is making gender equality an idealogical issue


12 Mar 2014


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The European Parliament today rejected the EPP Group's Resolution on equality between men and women in the EU in 2012. MEPs also voted against the draft Resolution tabled by the Left. Anne Delvaux MEP, Rapporteur for the EPP Group, and Mariya Gabriel MEP, EPP Group Spokeswoman on the subject, regretted the lack of objectivity and consultation in the preparation of this annual report.
Anne Delvaux deplored the ideological line followed by the Left since the beginning of the work: "From the beginning, the Left has focused its Report on the negative effects of austerity measures and their consequences on employment and public services, continuously diverting from this fundamental issue which was addressed in the Report: the equality between men and women on our continent! On several occasions, our wish has been to refocus the debate and make it more unbiased.
"This is the main reason why we have decided to table a Motion for Resolution", explained Maryia Gabriel. "We wanted a text which addressed equality between men and women through its multiple aspects and not only through employment and the economic crisis. We focused on reducing the wage gap, on the reconciliation of work and family life, on tackling violence against women in a balanced and clear text", she underlined.
For Anne Delvaux, it was fundamental to propose an alternative to the rejection of the Report. "The EPP Group is of course mobilised and committed to reaching equality between men and women. Gender equality is a fight that must be fought on a daily basis, and that concerns society as a whole. It is women's fundamental rights that are at stake; this Report cannot suffer any political or ideological exploitation!". Mariya Gabriel continued: "We must recognise that progress in the field of gender equality is far too slow, but we cannot blame it solely on the crisis. We have to come up with solutions."
The two EPP Group Members regret that the Group's position did not get the support of a majority of Members and that no balanced position could be adopted. "It is to be deplored that, on such an important debate, the European Parliament – which generally plays a leading role in defending women's rights – couldn't go beyond ideological considerations and propose an objective work, worthy of this Institution and of the legitimate expectations from women, but also from men."
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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