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Launch of a new CENELEC Workshop: CENELEC Workshop 5 – Flow Batteries - Requirements and test methods


22 Sep 2011


Innovation & Enterprise

A CENELEC Workshop is planned as a first step towards standardization in the domain of flow batteries. It is intended to be a stepping stone towards a future European and/or international standard. Over the past 20 years, the interest in flow battery technology has grown, because of its potential for mass production of low cost, high performance energy storage system capable to be incorporated into large scale devices.

A flow battery is a form of energy storage device, in which electrolyte containing one or more electro chemically active species flows through an electrochemical cell that converts chemical energy directly to electricity, and/or vice versa. Additional electrolyte is stored externally, and circulated through the electrochemical cells. The design features in flow batteries must allow the movement of fluids.

The Workshop Agreement is proposed by a number of academic and research institutions, commercial and industrial organisations and others from Europe and non European Countries. The Workshop Agreement is intended to facilitate the pre-commercial phase, such as the user’s comparison of technical requirements of different types of flow batteries or between flow batteries and conventional electricity storage devices. It will also facilitate the marketing of flow batteries by providing certainty and confidence to potential users.

The Workshop Agreement will also provide guidance for conformity assessment bodies to benchmark the flow batteries’ conformity with existing directives and other regulations.

CENELEC Workshop Agreement

The Workshop aims at providing guidelines to include:

- Definitions

- Criteria for measuring the battery performance, including efficiency

- Performance criteria Criteria for defining and specifying actions at the end of life - Battery maintenance criteria

- Evaluation criteria

- Service life guideline for technical description of the flow battery

The Workshop will not address safety issues.

CENELEC Workshop Status

A comprehensive information session has already been held in Vienna on 6 July, 2011.

The kick-off meeting of the workshop will take place on Sunday 27 November, at the following address:

VDE-Berlin,Bismarckstrasse 33, 10625 Berlin

- Draft Business Plan – comments to Catherine Vigneron by 21st of November 2011

- Draft Agenda

- Proposed Chairman CV


Please send an email to Françoise Wanson by the 16th of November 2011 indicating the participant's name, company and email address.

Immediately after the kick off meeting, the first plenary session of the workplace will take place in the same venue. Registration for the kick-off meeting will include registration for the plenary session.

Contact point:

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre

Ms Catherine Vigneron

Programme Manager

Electrotechnology and ICT

Avenue Marnix 17

B-1000 Brussels

Tel: 32 2 519 68 78


Media Contact:

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre

Ludovic Highman

Editorial Project Manager

Tel. +32 2 550 08 32



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