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Jacob Bangsgaard Appointed as Director General of FIA Region 1


15 Nov 2010


Trade & Society

The FIA - Federation International de l’Automobile today announces the appointment of Jacob Bangsgaard as Director General of FIA Region 1.


Jacob Bangsgaard will take responsibility for the mobility activities of the FIA in Europe Africa and the Middle East and support the more than 90 automobile clubs in the region from the new Region 1 headquarter in Brussels, Belgium.


Werner Kraus, President FIA Region 1 said: “FIA has during the last year been working on strengthening the support to the FIA regions and with this latest appointment we will strengthen both the European and the Region 1 strategy and have one person coordinating the tasks with his team based in is Brussels”.


The new Director General is a Danish national with a university background in international economics and 19 years experience working in Brussels on transport and mobility issues. Jacob Bangsgaard joins the FIA from a position as Director of International Relation in FIA Foundation where he was responsible for the deployment support and global campaigning for vehicle safety technologies. Prior to that he worked for ERTICO - ITS Europe where he was responsible for the international deployment support for intelligent transport systems on markets like China, India, Russia and Brazil. Prior to that he represented intelligent transport systems and service interests for a regional authority, a transport consultancy and he worked for two years in the European Commission in the Transport Directorate.

Jacob Bangsgaard said: "The FIA is known by most of us from its motorsport governance but on the mobility side it is a key stakeholder in policy making as FIA is there to protect millions of consumers through its members, the national automotive clubs. There are a range of huge challenges ahead of us in the mobility sector and it has an impact on all of us in our daily life whether we travel or buy goods and it influences the environment surrounding us. I am extremely motivated to work on these challenges.”

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