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ITRE Committee uses its power to reject new Energy Label layout


23 Apr 2009


Health & Consumers

ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation, welcomes yesterday’s vote1 in the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) to reject
proposals for a new Energy Label layout for televisions and refrigerating appliances.

The Committee called on the Commission to “come back with a more consumer-friendly energy label for TVs and household fridges”.

The ITRE Committee supported Motions for a Resolution objecting to draft Commission Directives on energy labelling of refrigerating appliances and televisions. The two proposals for implementing measures fall under the so-called scrutiny procedure2 which gives the European
Parliament the right to oppose draft implementing measures on specific grounds.

The EU Energy Label, which has been in place for over fifteen years, is a success story for both consumers and the environment. The familiar layout of the EU Energy Label, which contains A to G coloured bar ratings, has achieved a high level of recognition among consumers. The implementing measures proposed by the Commission, however, contained a new Energy Label layout which is misleading and unclear. In the proposed new label the top
category would change over time and would be called ‘A-10%’, ‘A-20%’, ‘A-40%’ etc.

The European Parliament must now vote on the ITRE decision in plenary in May. Stephen Russell, ANEC Secretary-General stated: “The ITRE Committee decision to reject the
proposals for a new Energy Label layout sends a clear message that the aim of the Energy Label is first and foremost to give consumers simple and clear information on energy efficiency.

We call on the European Parliament to support the ITRE decision in plenary.”

ANEC in brief
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ANEC is the European consumer voice in standardisation, representing and defending consumer interests in the processes of standardisation and conformity assessment.
ANEC was set up in 1995 as an international non-profit association under Belgian law and represents consumer organisations from the 27 EU Member States and 3 EFTA
countries. ANEC is funded by the European Commission and the EFTA Secretariat, while national consumer organisations contribute in kind. Its Secretariat is based i Brussels.

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