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Iratxe García on Middle East: “We are committed to Israel’s security and we are also against the humanitarian tragedy imposed by Netanyahu on Gaza”


24 Apr 2024



Today, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Iratxe García, called for the unity of the European Union to put an end to the spiral of violence in the Middle East and avoid a regional spill over. In a debate during the plenary session in Strasbourg, García committed to Israel’s security after Iran’s unprecedented attack. Referring to Gaza, the S&D leader reiterated the urgency of humanitarian aid in the Strip, and a cease-fire to end the massacre of the Palestinian population, the release of hostages held by Hamas, and negotiations for peace and two states between the Mediterranean and Jordan. 

Iratxe García said:  

“The European Union must stand united. We are committed to Israel’s security, and there is no better way to demonstrate our firmness towards the Ayatollah regime than by extending sanctions against its missile production and transfers, and against its allies in the Middle East. Diplomacy must prevail over warmongering rhetoric that provides no solution and will only generate more fear, death and destruction. 

“Our commitment to the defence of Israel cannot, and must not, be incompatible with our firmness in the face of the intolerable humanitarian tragedy imposed by Netanyahu’s government on Gaza. More than 33,000 deaths, 200 humanitarian workers and 100 journalists have been killed, one and a half million people are crammed in Rafah and more than one million are at extreme risk of malnutrition due to the use of starvation as a weapon of war. What more needs to happen in Gaza for the European Union to step up the pressure to put an end to a conflict that the Palestinians are paying for with their blood? 

“In Gaza, international law is also at stake, as is the way societies live freely and in dignity. Let us make our voices heard so that Netanyahu complies with the UN Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire, and the ICJ ruling to protect the civilian population. The international community must also comply with the embargo on arms sales to Israel called for by the UN Human Rights Council.

 “The European Union and its member states have in their hands the power to force Netanyahu to stop the destruction of Gaza, making use of potential measures ranging from trade policy to the recognition of the State of Palestine, and including the arms embargo.”


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