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Iratxe García congratulates António Costa: Portugal has proved that growth is compatible with solidarity and sustainability


07 Oct 2019


Following the parliamentary elections held yesterday in Portugal, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Iratxe García, said:
“I congratulate Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa for the good result. Portuguese people have clearly expressed their support for the policies that Costa implemented over the last years. It was not easy, because he had to go against the neo-liberal wave of austerity that caused so much harm in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but he succeeded in finding a humane way out of the crisis.
“Socialists in Portugal were able to combine wage and income increases, while strengthening social rights previously destroyed by the right-wing government in the ‘troika’ years.
“Portugal has proved that there is an alternative to austerity.
“The electoral result in Portugal is very good news for all Progressives in Europe. The European Union needs similar reforms, and Portugal leads by example. Pushing for the ecological transition is not enough: this transformation must benefit the people, reduce inequalities and improve citizens’ lives. Our political family is ready to use our leverage in the institutions to make that change happen.”


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